It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Welcome to the all new Cinnamon Toast blog. [read with enthusiasm].

This is a new venture for me.

Not blogging, I've been doing that a long time. Actually since 2009. So I guess that means my original blog is like a third grader. Able to poop and pee on its own, but still not ready to stay home alone, drink whiskey or smoke cigarettes.

And just like I imagine it would be if I had a third grade child, I love my little blog dearly but occasionally need some time away from it, where I can just say fuck and shit and not worry about what my mother-in-law thinks after she reads something I've written on the Internet.

So what did I have in mind for this new blog? I told my husband it was for my comedy. He busted out laughing, but more at me than with me. He said he didn't know I had any comedy, which I found quite offensive.

I said, maybe I don't but it's worth a try.

It's not like I was ever the class clown. Far from it. I was the class nerd. Typical over achiever, wanted to be liked by the teacher, all that jazz. Can you believe I never had lower than a B average my entire school career, from kindergarten all the way through high school graduation? And here's something that I know will definitely surprise you...I also didn't date or have sex. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

No, but seriously, what a nerd.

It didn't help matters that my younger brother is hilarious. He is quick and witty and has great comedic timing, of which I'm quite envious. I guess it's only natural we were pigeonholed in our roles in the as the older, responsible studious sister (i.e. dork) and him, the younger, athletic, handsome and funny brother (i.e. cool guy).

But somewhere deep inside my thick nerdy shell was someone who wanted to make people laugh. It didn't happen that often, partly because I could be shy and awkward and mostly because I just didn't fit that role. But sometimes I'd have just the perfect zinger and get a laugh or two from my classmates or friends, and it made me feel like freaking Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic (King of the World and all that crap).

**Sidenote: That film came out my sophomore year of high school and EVERYBODY went to see it in the theaters. Everybody except me. I told my best friend it didn't interest me because I preferred to watch movies about things that "could actually happen." I meant the love story element, but I get how that sounds. He laughed his ass off and I wasn't even trying to be funny.

I had this amazing teacher in high school who is now one of my dearest friends. When we first got to know each other, I learned that sometimes he gets really tickled and laughs til he cries. From then on, I made it my goal to try and bring him to laugh-tears as often as possible.

A big part of why I married my husband is because he makes me laugh. He's funny as hell and loves trying to get me giggling, which is easy to do. Laughter is definitely one of his love languages. But the flip side of that is me trying to make him laugh too. It's sort of elusive, lightning in a bottle and all that but when it does happen, it feels so good.

So that brings us to this moment and this blog. I guess we'll see what happens.