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It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Welcome to the all new Cinnamon Toast blog. [read with enthusiasm].

This is a new venture for me.

Not blogging, I've been doing that a long time. Actually since 2009. So I guess that means my original blog is like a third grader. Able to poop and pee on its own, but still not ready to stay home alone, drink whiskey or smoke cigarettes.

And just like I imagine it would be if I had a third grade child, I love my little blog dearly but occasionally need some time away from it, where I can just say fuck and shit and not worry about what my mother-in-law thinks after she reads something I've written on the Internet.

So what did I have in mind for this new blog? I told my husband it was for my comedy. He busted out laughing, but more at me than with me. He said he didn't know I had any comedy, which I found quite offensive.

I said, maybe I don't but it's worth a try.

It's not like I was ever the class clown. Far from it. I was the class nerd. Typical over achiever, w…

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